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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Towards a Cohesive Australia, Public Interfaith Forum at Dooleys Lidcome

Jointly convened a dinner and public interfaith program, organised by the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, The Catholic Diocese of Parramatta and Initiatives of Change. The program was convened in September 06.
His Grace Bishop Kevin Manning delivering his words of welcome, to his right are spakers federal Health Minister the Hon. Tony Abbott and Mufti Alhilali

Prof. Kamar Oniah Kamaruzzaman speaking at the pre-program dinner.

Sh. Ibrahim Magro visiting from the UK speaking at the pre-program dinner.

The speakers, K Trad who presented the word of thanks, Federal Health Minister the Hon. Tony Abbott MP, His Eminence Cardinal Edward Cassidy, His Eminence Sh. Taj Aldin Alhilali, Ms. Nadia Jamal and His Grace Bishop Kevin Manning who gave the words of welcome.

K Trad presenting a plaque of appreciation to Cardinal Cassidy during the word of thanks.

Speaker Nadia Jamal, to her right are program MC Sr. Libby Rogerson and the Hon. Tony Abbott MP

Guests and speakers enjoying the pre-program dinner courtesy of Dooleys

A section of the audience

Mufti Hilali with NSW minister the Hon. Barbara Perry

A section of the audience

The speakers with His Excellency Babr Malik the High Commissioner of Pakistan and AFP state manager David Stewart


  1. Having mutual respect and recognition of the rights and obligations of all faiths in multiracial and multicultural Australia so that there is unity in diversity is a vey important
    subject and all congratulations go to the Islamic Frioendship Asssociation for organising
    this important seminar and conference.

  2. Pls put an ad in the daily papers asking IMams to pray for the Lindt cafe people - public relations