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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hosting Palestinian MP Rev. Dr. Bernard Sabella

In July 06, the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia was privileged to host Palestinian MP Rev. Dr. Bernard Sabella and His Excellency Palestinian Charge D'Affaires in Australia Dr. Izzat Abdul Hadi for a talk at Trades Hall. We are grateful to Unions NSW for use of their facilities.

K Trad welcoming the speakers, to his right are Rev. Dr. Bernard Sabella, H.E Dr. Izzat Abdul Hadi and Program facilitator Prof. Peter Manning.

Flyer for the program.

Flyer for the program

1 comment:

  1. "Palestinian MP", does that mean this is a MP of the Knesset or of the Palestinian Arab Parlement, the one in West-Jordan land / Ramallah, or the one in Gaza /Hamasia land, or even in Amman, the capital of the first Palestinian Arab state, since 1922 ?
    We in Europe know,that there are Palestinian Arabs and Palestinian Jews , exactly like there are Cypriot Turks and Cypriot Greeks. No one speaks about "the Cypriots", meaning only one of both people living on the island. Likewise we do not speak about "the Palestinians" meaning only one of both peoples, Jews or Arabs, in the historic area at both sides of the Jordan river, only called Palestine by the Roman conquerers. As you can see in the church of Mabada, east of the Jordan, where you find the oldest map of Palestine in the form of a floor mosaic. Also, the Dutch daily Trouw f.i. spent a full page already in 1970 , to let the whole PLO top echelon explain, that "Jordan is also Palestine", also even parts of Syria and Libanon are belonging to the Palestine region .
    But the fact is, that Jewish organisations bought many areas of land back from the few Arab landowners, already between 1750 and 1948.
    Not only the Tel-Aviv area or the Hula mosquito infested marshlands..
    Of course, never can Jews return to the places where they also lived before Mohammed came: Medina (Yahtrib) or Khaibar..
    But on the marketplace of Medina, the first massacre on Jews was carried out by muslim hands. Let the Jews in peace, even ifthey are cursed as apes and pigs, and one will meet peace Shalom and Salaam. That will be the case if you also show friendship with the Jews of Australia, not only with Hindu, Christians.