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Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Brisbane Program, Nov. 05

Rabbi Uri Themal speaking, in the background are Anglican Primate of Australia, Arch-Bishop Phillip Aspinall, Catholic Bishop Brian Finnigan, Keysar Trad and Ms. Geraldine Doogue
Anglican Primate His Grace Arch-Bishop Phillip Aspinall

A section of the audience.

Minister Chris Cummins opening the program.

Australian International Islamic College Choir singing the National Anthem, Anglican Primate, His Grace Phillip Aspinall is standing to the National Anthem along side the other speakers.

Sh. Hilali with Donna at the interfaith program

Sh. Hilali handing the plaque of appreciation to Rabbi Uri Themal who spoke at the program.

Sh. Hilali giving flowers to Auntie Barbara who gave welcome to country.

Sh. Hilali giving plaque of appreciation to ABC personality Ms. Geraldine Doogue, Rabbi Uri Themal is in the background.

Flyer for the Brisbane program


  1. It is wonderful to see Christians Muslims and Jewish Australians come together to discuss their religious faiths in an atmosphere of toleration and respect all the more so when
    the antiIslamic MP Mr. Wilders supported by the
    Q society has received so much publicity rejecting and slandering muslims and Islam and thereby promoting serious discrimination.

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