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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Fair Go Forum, June 07

Some images from the Fair Go Forum, 15 June 07
K Trad thanking Pat Dodson and presenting plaque

K Trad and J Robertson

C Ho, N Burridge and S Ozdowski

B Spies-Butcher and C Gibbs

W Higgins and P Glendenning

First scarf-wearing female Muslim Surf Lifesaver in Australia M Lalaa

C Ho, A Jakubowitz, A Bartletts and S Hussein

T Brunero, A Samson and B Walters

S Trad, C Gibbs and A Samson

An announcement from the UTS website

Forum Flyer and Registration Form

The Fair Go Forum was jointly convened by the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, the Edmund Rice Centre, the Don Chipp Foundation and the UTS.

No fees were charged at this or any of the our other forums. Our Keynote Speaker was the Hihgly Respected Indigenous leader Pat Dodson.

The forum produced the following recommendations for our politicians in Canberra:

Recommendations from the Fair Go Forum

1. A Bill of Rights

This forum requests that the Federal Government enact a Bill of Rights for Australia in order to enshrine our inalienable rights within our Constitutional framework.

2. End Unjust Immigration Policies

This forum requests the Federal Government to end the unjust immigration policies such as the Temporary Protection Visas (TPVs) regime and mandatory detention so that we can ensure that those seeking protection and refuge in Australia are treated justly and fairly.

3. Reconciliation

This forum requests the Federal Government to refocus the nation on the reconciliation process so that we as a Nation can work to achieve genuine and substantive reconciliation between Indigenous and non- Indigenous Australians.

4. Cohesive Communities

Option a)
This forum requests the Federal government to address the need to build cohesive communities by focusing on and celebrating the things tha unite us in our diversity rather than highlighting our differences and prejudices which work to divide us.

Option b)
That the federal government must foster the cohesive bonds in our communities by celebrating what unites us; accepting our differences; take measures to halt those actions which prevent so many from full participation in that secular space where we are all citizens concerned for our common future.

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