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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Save Gaza Now, 4000 Candle Art Project, Australian Parliament, 10 Jan 09

A photo from the cherry picker "Save Gaza Now" "أنقذوا غزة الآن"

A ground picture of the candles

A ground picture of the candles.

Diplomats HE Dr. Izzat Abdul Hadi with HE Tamma Suleiman Ambassador of Syria lighting candles with other diplomats and dignitaries.

K Trad lighting more candles with diplomats and dignitaries and artist Jorge Pujol

Sh. Ahmad Yusuf of the Canberra Islamic Centre giving the word of Thanks and MC Diana Abdul Rahman

Kathryn Kelly of Australians for Peace and Justice for Palestine speaking at our event

One of our speakers and financial supporters of the project, AFIC President Ikebal Patel, His Excellency Dr. Izzat Abdul Hadi, Charge D'Affairs of the Palestinian Delegation to Australia and Sh. Dr. Fedaa Majzoub

Rev. Gregor Henderson, Bishop Pat Power and Sh. Dr. Fedaa Majzoub

Rev. Gregor Henderson and Imam Dr. Fedaa Majzoub

Sh. Dr. Fedaa Majzoub

Some of the volunteers on the day

K Trad and master of ceremonies Diana Abdul Rahman, we are grateful to Diana for her invaluable assistance to the project.

K Trad and art for earth artist Jorge Pujol, Jorge worked for days to calculate and outline the candle art and supervise the project.

Another aerial photo by Stefan Postles, this is what four thousand candles can do.

A photo from the 15 meter cherry picker.

Some of the young people supporting the protest, the banner disappeared, whoever has it, please return it.

An aerial shot of the candles by Stefan Postles.

K Trad with artist Jorge Pujol lighting the first candle.

Australian of Gazan origin Tasneem Sammak who flew from melbourne to Canberra to join us in support of the people of Gaza at the Candle Art Project.

Three of the speakers, Uniting Church National Moderator Rev. Gregor Henderson, Catholic Aux. Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn Pat Power and Imam Dr. Fedaa Majzoub


  1. What an excellent project. So much hard work has been rewarded. Was there good media coverage?Hope you got the banner back. Lou

  2. Hi Lou

    We did receive some publicity, The Canberra Times ran it on page 3 with a very nice photos, some local papers also ran it as did Aljazeera. I was told that Skynews ran something and possibly Win TV. Of course the image itself deserved to be broadcast to get the message across that Gaza needed to be saved.



  3. Interesting… I might try some of this on my blog, too. It’s quite interesting how you sometimes stop being innovative and just go for an accepted solution without actually trying to improve it… you make a couple of good points.

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  4. We would love to improve it, whilst the idea of candles initself is not innovative, using 4000 candles for Gaza with a world reknown candle artist is innovative, it would be great if we could find the sponsors to repeat the project with slight modifications in say Rafah, or in Gaza itself. Still, standing up for the oppressed is like swimming against the tide, because the powers that be in our world generally tend to appease the oppressor in the hope of personal material benefit.
    We should always make a stand for what is right and just, using tried and tested peaceful means as well as innovative peaceful means.

    Thank you for your comment.