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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dinner Discussion on Defamation and Vilification laws with T Goldberg

Dinner and discussion held in Greenacre to discuss Defamation and Vilification Laws and the needs of Australian Muslims. The Main Speaker was Mr. Terry Goldberg of Turner Freeman Lawyers.

K Trad facilitating discussion on the evening

Mr. Terry Goldberg

Sh. Taj Al Hilali, Bishop Kevin Manning and Dr. Ibrahim Abu Mohammad

Sh. Abdul Quddoos Al Azhari, Sh. Taj Alhilali, Bishop Kevin Manning, Dr. Ibrahim Abu Mohammad and Sh. Fedaa Majzoub

Sh. Hilali, Bishop Manning, Dr. Abu Mohammad, Sh. Mazjoub, Mr. David Mills, Cr. Omar Jamal, Sh. Yahya Safi and Mr. Shawki Kassir (LMA President)

K Trad, Richard Mitry, Sandra Mitry, Rich Mitry, Camil Shalala, Mrs. Helen Howard, Mrs Jane Mills

This was a very informative event jointly convened by the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia Inc. and the Darul Uloom Islamic Academy of Brisbane.

1 comment:

  1. Islam and Muslims are very poorly treated in the Australian mass media and vilification laws
    are most important to prevent racism and discrimination and forums like this should be greatly encouraged to promote such important subjects.