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Saturday, September 25, 2010

IFAA champion of cultural inclusion

Imam Vernon Fareed accepting a plaque and medalion from Keysar Trad on behalf of Imam W. D. Mohammed who had left this world prior to being able to receive the award. We pray to Allah to welcome Imam Mohammed in His vast mercy and spacious paradise.

Imam W D Mohammed

2009 was going to be a big year for Australian Muslims with the organisation of the first national Qur'an festival.

Our chief guest and Champion of Cultural Inclusion was scheduled to be Imam W D Mohammed from the USA.

Imam W D Mohammed was chosen for his services to American Muslims and to American society in general. His services to American Muslims were invaluable in steering his community towards unity. Imam W D promoted cross religious and cross cultural understanding and succeeded in creating harmony within a significant section of the Muslim community and across broader society.

God Almighty willed to deprive us of this festival and of hosting the great Imam who passed away in Ramadan of 2008 whilst the preparation were still continuing for the Feb 2009 visit. As a result of this and other developments in 2009, the presentation of the prize was decided to be made in 2010, posthumously.

The 2009 award of Champion of Cultural Inclusion has been presented to the late Imam W D Mohammed's assistant Imam Vernon Fareed who has accepted it on behalf of Imam Mohammed during a special program in 2010.

Imam Vernon Fareed holding the Champion of Cultural Inclusion plaque and medallion that were awarded to posthumously to Imam W D Mohammed

Imam Vernon Fareed with the founder of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia Keysar Trad

Some of the guests present during the award ceremony


  1. Ruth McCall-MillerTuesday, 28 September, 2010

    What a wonderful tribute. May Allah be pleased with all the efforts that are being made and those yet to come.

  2. Thank you, may Allah bless you

  3. Tank you IFAA for recognizing imam W.D.Mohammad.
    The lagacy of this humble leader and teacher will live on for ever.