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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Interfaith program, Hindus, Christians and Muslims coming together

Interfaith program with leaders from the Hindu, Christian and Muslim communities.
22 April 2009

The program was hosted by the Islamic Charitable Association of Beirut City, with the support of The Deartment of Immigration and Citizenship and the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia Inc..
The event was held at the Grand Westella, Lidcombe NSW, Australia.

The speakers were:

Welcome to Country by Ms. Anne Fairbairn
Official Welcome: Mr. Farouk Kassar,
President of the Islamic Charitable Association of Beirut City Inc.
Hindu speaker: Prof. Nihal Agar
(President of the Hindu Council of Australia)
Christian Speaker: Rev. Prof. James Haire AM
(Executive Director, Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, Charles Sturt University
Formerly, President of the Uniting Church of Australia and Formerly President of the Australian National Council of Churches)
Imam Yahya Safi
(Imam of the Lakemba Mosque and
Formerly, the representative of the Mufti of Lebanon in Australia)
The program was facilitated by Ms. Hala Trad
Word of thanks: Keysar Trad
(Islamic Friendship Association of Australia Inc.)

Ms. Hala Trad and the three speakers, from her left, Prof. Nihal Agar, Rev. Prof. James Haire AM and Imam Yahya Safi

Australian Poet Anne Fairbairn with Sh. Khalil Chami on her right and Elie Nassif (President, Lebanese Community Council on her left).
A section of the audience.
Some of the cuisine
Some of the cuisine

Anne Fairbairn delivering Welcome to Country Poem

Prof. Nihal Agar of the Hindu Council of Australia delivering his speech

Rev. Prof. James Haire (introduced by H Trad)

Imam Yahya Safi (introduced by H Trad)


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  2. It would be great if you published your Islamic Friendship Association with all of its excellent events and woderful photographs into a book to promote greater understanding of Islam and Muslims.

  3. Thank you.
    I did at one point put all the stuff into a book, the book covers our programs up until 06 I think, or may be a little later. I need to update it. Give me a little more time, insha Allah, it will be done.